Fudge Choc Brownie Lovin’

A few weeks ago, I went away with my bestie’s to a log cabin. Filled with food, drinks, christmas markets and of course a hot tub! One of my friends suggested we baked some brownies, so whilst I chilled watching Bridget Jones’ Diary, the two Emily’s made insanely good brownies! They used Laura In The Kitchen’s recipe, which Emily swears by! Continue reading

Outrageously Good Bakewell Tart Recipe

Having a day off work with the boy, and baking a Bakewell tart seemed a cracking way to spend our day (wild). I don’t know any Bakewell tart recipes off the top of my head, so I took to the Internet to search for a recipe and came across a Tesco Real Food to find an absolute cracker.

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12 Harland Place:Pudding Club

Having booked up for Pudding Club at 12 Harland Place, a good 3/4 month in advance, I was absolutely buzzing when the evening arrived.

What’s so special about pudding club, you may ask?

Pudding Club takes place the first Monday of every month, where basically you get the chance to try and taste lots of amazing desserts, what’s not to like?

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The Food Diary

The Orange Pip Market is still a fairly new event, and I’ve missed out on the last two markets! After stalking their social media accounts for the past 2 months, I finally got the chance to go and it didn’t disappoint. The market takes place on the funkiest street in Middlesbrough, Baker Street – on the last Saturday of every month.

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